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The reason why I love to shop at thrift stores so much is that I can find awesome and unique items, just like this vintage trench-coat signed Holt Renfrew, for a fraction of the price! Items like this one are essentials for a wardrobe that will never go out of style!

Lots of people often tell me, that they do not have the patience to shop for hours to find magic pieces. My response to them is that they don’t have to! Of course looking piece by piece would take hours and hours, and I completely understand that it’s very time consuming and it can get very discouraging! In fact the most important thing is to feel the material and look for colors that you like. After that step, you can take the item in your hand and look if the style and the size is right for you. One of the most important step (even though I do not like this part at all) is to try the items that you’ve selected. Because one thing you should know is that most thrift stores don’t have a return policy. It’s usually final sale. That being said, you then have to make sure that the items fits you like a glove and that you are really in love with them! Also, do not hesitate to go in the men section! I swear to you, you will find some amazing gems (just like this trench-coat featured on these pictures)! I also get a lot of questions about what are my favorites items to find at thrift stores. Without any hesitation, I love to find awesome coats (wether they are trench-coats, leather coats and oversized jeans jackets), dresses/skirts, blazers and accessories, such as jewelry, purses and scarfs.

By finding these vintage gems, you’ll make sure that you wardrobe will be perfectly diversified and completely unique!

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Shirt/La Baie


Trench-coat/Vintage Holt Renfrew


Photographer/Sarah Emily St-Gelais

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