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The Side Garden


When I was 9 years old, my grand parents very generously gave me two beautiful Kimonos when they got back from their trip to Thaïland. I remember that they were so dreamy to me and now I wear them with a lot of pride. I see them as real piece of art! The very meticulous work in every single details is fascinating and truly impressive! I dream of the day, when I would also have the chance to go visit this wonderful country and I’m sure that I will feel as inspired and fulfilled as when I was a little girl in my room, contemplating and dreaming of these dreamy piece of art. I love that my wardrobe is filled with items full of history! Art is not only what you hang on the wall, it is also your interpretation and your vision of what makes you feel unique and special. I know that for me, wearing items like this one makes me feel truly confident and special. It definitely brightens up my day and it also contribute to my happiness in my every day life. Pieces like this one will also start wonderful conversations. What more could you ask for!? 😉

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One piece/Topshop






Photographer/Sarah Emily St-Gelais

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